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Computer Generated Images(CGI's) And Animations

Over the year Fine Form Design Studios natural development has been towards the creation of computer generated images CGI’s and animation of property developments.

Owing to the fact that when making a model we know the development inside and out, not only the physical aspects but also the objectives, so it was a natural progression to providing computer generated images CGI’s and animations.

Asking us to provide the model and computer generated images means that both elements will be the same and current, leaving you one less supplier to coordinate with, simplifying your work load giving you time to concentrate on other aspects.

Apart from the advantage of it being a practical option to use us we also provide a high quality consistent product and service, which you can rely on.

If you would like us to send you a DVD,we would be more than happy to do so upon request.

 Computer Generated Images(CGI's) And Animations

As with model making, CGI’s and animation services also vary considerably between suppliers. The key to good CGI’s and animation is good understanding of the project, its objectives and skill as a programmer. However even if you are the best programmer it won’t necessarily mean you will get the best results.

Computer Generated Images(CGI's) And Animations

To create computer generated images or Animation that will make an impact is largely down to the content. In that I mean the design of a room or open space and the animation of people cars and everyday things you would get to see in ‘real’ life. Hence the phrase people uses for this kind of work “Virtual Reality”. These elements are not on drawings, so its down to the vision and commitment of your supplier.

Computer Generated Images(CGI's) And Animations

As I mentioned before in the Architectural model making section, it goes without saying a supplier’s portfolio is testimony to their style and ability.

Creating good CGI’s and Animation is one thing but this does not give you ‘polished’ sales materials per say. To do this we utilise our video production division, to create a purpose made marketing DVD targeted directly at the key demographic.

Computer Generated Images(CGI's) And Animations

These DVD’s have proven to be invaluable in sales offices and really come into their own when posted onto the internet, where you can sell property to people in the comfort of their own homes reaching, a far larger customer base. As you will agree targeted marketing is by far the most productive and successful in achieving outstanding results.

If you have something in mind please feel free to contact Vincent anytime to discuss ways to get the most from your marketing campaign.


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