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Exclusive Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are a special way to put your branding in a position to jog your client’s memory when they would require your services. So as you can appreciate getting your corporate gift right will generate long-term business.

In addition to this, corporate gifts can also be something special you give your client, VIP or colleague to show your appreciation or say thank you.

The corporate gift market is huge, however the problem with it these days is that people generally shop in the same places and clients offer and receive similar gifts with the difference being the branding. This really does spoil the uniqueness and sentiment of a corporate gift.

This is where Fine Form Design Studios gives you an opportunity to steer away from the constraints of the normal convention, by asking us to design and make you a bespoke corporate gift specifically for your company.

We strive to design and make corporate gifts that are unique and functional where possible. This means that your gift item will ultimately be used by your client and prove to be a very effective reminder of your company.

Making a bespoke gift will take more time and effort than buying from say a catalogue, however the end result is well worth it. When you order in reasonable quantities the bonus is that your unit cost is very respectable for something designed and made fit for purpose, which will stand the test of time.

Fine Form Design studios has both resin and metal (tin alloys such as pewter etc) casting machinery, vacuum chambers and various spraying and polishing machines so we can produce corporate gifts in high numbers if required.

For something different please contact Vincent with your brief and he will be happy to design some options for you to consider.

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