Cine-Pod - Cutting-edge Marketing

Cine-Pod by Fine Form Design Studios UK
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Cine-Pod Features;

  • Floor to ceiling screen 7ft +
  • Surround Sound
  • Sofa seating
  • Visually striking and inquisitive
  • A captivated environment
  • Can be branded with your corporate logos
  • Painted to suit your marketing campaign
  • Modular to accommodate any room size and be installed anywhere

The Cine-pod is the brainchild of our director, Vincent. The question was, clients make a substantial investment in having a DVD produced, however when showing the DVD the full potential is lost when viewed on a PC monitor or normal television. The main purpose of the DVD is to give people an informative and exciting impression, which today's cutting edge marketing demands. The most effective way to capitalise on your investment is to show your DVD in the best environment hence the Cine-pod was born. Vincent’s view was 'I want to take people to the movies!'

The creation of a mobile modular cinema system, meant we can do exactly that. The Cine-pod has a floor to ceiling screen (7ft usually), surround-sound, can be any size and installed anywhere, showrooms, shopping malls, even outside.

If Fine Form Design Studios create your animation DVD, we can render the animation in 3D. The best way to describe the effect would be to liken it to a life like 'virtual' simulator of your property development, the floor to ceiling screen makes this a truly unique 'moving' experience which has never been seen before.

Please click on Cine-pod example below you want to view.

Cine-Pod example Graphic Cars by Fine Form Design Studios UK
Cine-Pod example Graphic Drinks by Fine Form Design Studios UK
Cine-Pod example Graphic Housing by Fine Form Design Studios UK

The Cine-Pod offers a special marketing experience and is available for hire or to purchase.